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Natalie Williams was born August 6, 1993, to Bill and Bonita Williams. She was enrolled in Wittmann Elementary School and Tetzlaff Middle School. As a freshman, she attended Artesia High School and finished her high school education at Saint Anthony High School. During her middle and high school years, Natalie participated in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), basketball teams, such as the Long Beach Lady Warriors, Olympic Girls Development League (OGDL) and California Storm. She was an integral part of the varsity girls' basketball teams of Artesia and Saint Anthony High Schools. She was a cheerleader and played several years of AYSO soccer. In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Natalie was an exceptional, conscientious student and excelled academically.

Awarded a full college basketball scholarship, Natalie continued her higher education at Cal State University Fullerton. She was an excellent Titan team member and has the distinction of being on the top 10 list of shot blockers in Cal State Fullerton Women’s basketball history. After Natalie graduated from Cal State Fullerton on May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, she worked at the Challengers’ Boys & Girls Club. Generous with her time, Natalie interned with the John Wooden Award Committee, as well as the Cal State Fullerton athletic department. Natalie continued her post-graduate education and was enrolled in the master’s candidate program at the University of San Francisco. Prior to the completion of the program, Natalie passed away in 2018 due to complications from a surgical procedure.

Natalie was an avid book reader and enjoyed listening to music. Her idea of having fun was spending an evening at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. As a matter of fact, she cried when the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Cerritos, California, closed. She kept herself in outstanding shape by maintaining a rigorous workout schedule. Natalie loved spending time with her friends and family, including her sisters, Mollie and Stephanie, and her brother, Bill Jr. Natalie was a loving, caring, and elegant person. She was always willing to help a person in need and give back to her community. Natalie’s heart spoke volumes. In the church, it was not uncommon for her to sit with the one who was alone, as she never wanted anyone to feel isolated. She was quietly graceful and extremely poised. She had a tender heart, yet she was strong. Her smile lit up any room.

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