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Sean Rooney: TeamMember


Assistant Chief Counsel, Enforcement Division,

California Department of Corporations


Sean began his legal career at the Department of Corporations in April 1998 as

an entry-level Corporations Counsel with the Enforcement Division. Soon after starting

with the Department, he developed an early specialty in securities law and specifically in


applying state securities law in criminal investigations and prosecutions. Sean has co-

counseled over 70 criminal prosecutions with the Attorney General’s Office and


numerous county district attorneys’ offices throughout the state. Sean also regularly

provides training on California state securities law to law enforcement, prosecutors and

other regulators.


In May of 2013, Sean was promoted to Assistant Chief Counsel and supervises

Enforcement staff in the Los Angeles and San Diego offices.

For the last 14 years, Sean has served as an Officer and Director on the Board of

Directors of the National White-Collar Crime Center (NW3C). The NW3C is a non-profit

organization whose members are comprised of state, local and tribal, law enforcement,

prosecutorial agencies, and regulatory agencies from around the country. The NW3C

provides training and support for its members in the areas of economic and high-tech

criminal investigations and prosecutions.


For the last 10 years, Sean has also been a volunteer member of the John R. Wooden

Award Steering Committee of the Los Angeles Athletic Club. The committee is

responsible for the yearly selection of the top men’s and women’s NCAA Division I

basketball player. The award is presented annually at the conclusion of the NCAA Final

Four Tournament.

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