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Bill Willams Sr.: Meet the Team


Retired Captain III, Los Angeles Police Department 


Bill Williams Sr. is the father of Natalie Williams. He and his wife Bonita have three other children, Mollie, Stephanie, and Bill Jr. Bill spent 37 years with the Los Angeles police department. His last assignment before retiring was captain of the commercial crimes division.


After his retirement in 2015, Bill continued to serve as a board member of the National White-Collar Crime Center( NW3C). The NW3C is a nonprofit organization whose members are comprised of state, local and tribal law enforcement, prosecutorial and regulatory agencies from around the country. The NW3C provides training and support for its members in the areas of economic and high-tech criminal investigations and prosecutions.


Bill also became a consultant to a local retail security company.


Bill and Bonita were very appreciative when they were approached about the establishment of the Natalie E. Williams scholarship foundation (N.E.W. Scholarship Foundation).

They believe the establishment of the foundation will assist young women in their quest for higher education.

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