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Our Objective

N.E.W. Scholarship Foundation's objective is to provide scholarships to deserving post secondary female students, and to carry on the legacy of Natalie E. Williams through the Foundation. Forging new partnerships with integrity, energy, passion, laughter and purpose.

Our Goal

Embracing community, promoting academic achievement and fostering a spirit of giving, our core values emanate from the acronym of BLUE - Believing Love Unites Everyone.

Through selfless service, thoughtful planning, and the cultivation of annual giving, N.E.W. Scholarship Foundation espouses to financially assist deserving:

  • Female post graduate students enrolled in the University of San Francisco Sport Management Program.

  • From California State University, Fullerton: Eligible undergraduate female student-athletes, and/or female students who wish to pursue or continue graduate studies.

  • Female students from any institution of higher learning, seeking to pursue or continue postgraduate education.

N.E.W Scholarship Foundation, dedicated to celebrating the life of Natalie E. Williams, while inspiring the success of others.

Believing love unites everyone

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